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The Theme of Dehumanization in Breakfast of Champions Essay -- Breakfa

The Theme of Dehumanization in Breakfast of Champions Dear Sir, helpless sir, daring sir: You are an examination by the Creator of the Universe. (Vonnegut 259) Imagine if this was routed to you. What a dreadful sentiment of disloyalty and dejection you would no uncertainty get. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where next you heard this. You are the main animal in the whole Universe who has through and through freedom. You are the one in particular who needs to make sense of what to do straightaway and why. Every other person is a robot, a machine. (Vonnegut 259) Surely you would feel like your whole presence was a major joke, one to your detriment. You would feel desensitized, remote, and withdrew from all human inclination. You would be a helpless casualty, somebody grabbed hold of by the virus handle of dehumanization. The American Heritage Dictionary characterizes dehumanize as To deny of human characteristics or traits or To render mechanical and schedule. This positively makes a great showing with portraying the unfeeling, cru el, and cold inclination you get when perusing the novel Breakfast of Champions. In his book Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. utilizes strong themes, complex portrayal, a plot of ordinariness and shallowness, basic word usage, and ironical style to underline his fundamental topic of dehumanization. In 1922, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was conceived in Indianapolis, Indiana to Edith Vonnegut and Kurt Vonnegut Sr. At 18 years old he moved on from Shortridge High School and sought after a degree in science at Cornell University. (Bonner, standard. 1) However, he left school in 1943 to serve his nation in World War II. Upon return, Vonnegut proceeded with his examinations at the University of Chicago in the field of humanities. (Encarta, standard. 4) In 1950 He found employment elsewhere and began composing full-time. Vonnegut's different works incorporate ... ...his primary subject of dehumanization. He does this utilizing striking themes, complex portrayal, a plot of ordinariness and shallowness, basic phrasing, and sarcastic style. He stuns and mistakes us for his style of composing, leaving us struggling with questions. Through this he causes mankind to appear to be vacant and alone. Be that as it may, he is directly in doing as such, on the grounds that we in truth are. 1 n : a movement that occupies or delights or animates 2 adj. : set next to each other regularly for examination; compared pictures Book index: Vit, Marek. Landing page. Bonner, Stephanie E. Landing page. Unknown. Encarta. Vonnegut, Kurt. Breakfast of Champions. New York, New York: Dell Publishing. 1973.

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Marriage and Muslim Law

Marriage and Muslim Law The scientist has embraced a doctrinal type of research to do his undertaking. The undertaking involves the scientist to breaks down the idea of marriage under muslim law. Different sources both essential and optional sources have been counseled for the equivalent. No piece of this venture is copied and the task is the first work of the scientist. Presentation Whatever degree is sharia a fixed arrangement of standards that apply to all Muslims? Many expect that sharia rules can just be found either by perusing the Quran, or by tuning in to the assessment of any Muslim cleric. They likewise expect that all Muslims are limited by similar guidelines, and that sharia rules can thusbe upheld across national fringes to all Muslims similarly, in the MiddleEast, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Be that as it may, is this right? Furthermore, in the event that not, what at that point is the right comprehension of sharia? At the point when individuals allude to the sharia, they are, indeed, alluding to their sharia for the sake of the endless will of the Almighty God. The assortment of implications of sharia has offered ascend to an adaptable, multi-interpretable talk about sharia and law which moves easily starting with one significance of sharia then onto the next. Marriage or Nikah in Islamic law is an agreement straightforward as can be requiring no composition and no frightened ceremonies. All that is fundamental is offer and acknowledgment made in the nearness and knowing about two male or female observers and recording the factum of marriage in the Nikah Register kept up in each mosque marked by the gatherings and confirmed by witnesses. It is payable to the spouse on the disintegration of marriage or demise or separation. In India, there is no compelling reason to enroll the Muslim marriage, as there is no law requiring enlistment. I am thankful to Dr.Vijender Kumar to give me this important chance to do a task on The Concept of Marriage under Muslim Law. We have seen, it is the family law that has consistently spoken to the very heart of the Sharia, for it is this piece of the law that is viewed by the Muslims as going into the very twist and woof of their religion. By and large talking, in the law of the family alone that the Sharia is as yet applied to somewhere in the range of 400,000,000 Muslims, for it is for all intents and purposes just in the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan, Northern Nigeria that the Sharia is applied today, all things considered, outside the circle of family relations and individual status. It is unequivocally with respect to the law of marriage and separation that the fight is joined today between the powers of conservatism and progress in the Muslim world, and the changes of that fight give, as we have seen, a measure of social advancement, a reflection of the development of innovation in Islam, and an outline of how an ostensibly unchanging law can be changed practically speaking. Let us start then with a rundown proclamation of Islamic law in these issues. A Muslim lady is bound to monogamy, while a Muslim man may have upwards of four spouses on the double, yet no more. Also, the Ithna Ashari part of the Shia, alone , permits him to have any number impermanent relationships, or marriage of pleasure, while all schools permit a man to enjoy privileges of concubinage with his own female slaves. Any sex outside these limitsâ [1]â constitute zina, or unlawful sex relations, for which the discipline is demise by stoning on account of a guilty party who has ever fulfilled a legitimate marriage, and one hundred lashes on account of others. However, these punishments would seldom be able to be appropriately forced on account of the exceedingly demanding standard of confirmation required, and the rule that such disciplines are deflected by any condition of uncertainty other than the way that Islamic criminal law has today just an extremely restricted application. Mor eover a Muslim spouse may disavow his better half or wives whenever and at his one-sided prudence. So much for an exceptionally broad synopsis. It is fundamental, be that as it may, first to think about this against its chronicled foundation and afterward expand it in more prominent detail. Relationships in Islam Islam, not at all like different religions is a solid supporter of marriage. There is a bad situation for abstinence like, for instance the Roman Catholic ministers and nuns. The prophet (pbuh) has said there is no chastity in Islam. Marriage is a strict obligation and is thus an ethical shield just as a social need. Islam doesn't approach chastity with high taqwa/Iman. The prophet has additionally stated, Marriage is my custom who so ever wards off there from isn't from among me. Marriage goes about as an outlet for sexual needs and control it so one doesn't turn into a captive to his/her wants. It is a social need in light of the fact that through marriage, families are set up and the family is the essential unit of our general public. Moreover, marriage is the main authentic or halal approach to enjoy closeness between a man and a lady. Islam takes a widely appealing situation to sexual relations , it neither censures it like certain religions, nor does it permit it openly. Islam urges us to control and direct our wants, whatever they might be with the goal that we stay honorable and not become like creatures. Verifiable Background In pre-Islamic Arabia, it appears, there were a few kinds of marriage, extending likely from the patrilineal and including the purported marriage of impermanent delight. The most good structure, nonetheless, was a patrilineal marriage wherein the husband to be paid a dower for, or to, his lady of the hour. This has built up no uncertainty, out of the across the board custom of paying lady riches to the clan or the group of the lady of the hour for the loss of her regenerative limit and as an adjustment both of the association and of the connection between two families; yet no doubt even before the appearance of Islam the dower had come to be viewed in Arabia as appropriately having a place with the lady herself. Regardless this is an attribute of the Islamic law of marriage, anyway much it is as yet ignored practically speaking in certain quarters. Muslim legal scholars frequently in reality utilize the comparison of offer, and see the dower as thought for conjugal rights-a thought that establishes a basic component in each Muslim marriage. Nor is this dower repayable on separate, in Islamic law, when the marriage has been culminated, even where the spouse is basically to blame, with the exception of by her own deliberate understanding. Hanafis, then again, look at that as a grown-up lady may contract herself in marriage gave she picks a spouse who is her equivalent in regard of family, exchange, religion, etc; that lone minors might be given in marriage without their assent; and that even minors have a choice of revoking such a marriage when they arrive at lion's share I all cases in which the watchman who represented them was other than father or grandfather. [2] The other Sunni schools avoid marriage by impulse by any aside from the dad or fathers father (or, on account of the Malikis, the dad or father or his agent); yet they broaden such impulse, in regard of virgins girls, a long ways past dominant part. Moreover, a man is disallowed from being hitched, at indeed the very same time, to two ladies who might be suspended, were one of them a male, from wedding each other;â [3]â An Overview of Concept of Marriage in Muslim Law Islam, not at all like different religions is a solid backer of marriage. There is no spot of chastity in Islam like the Roman Catholic clerics nuns. The Prophet has said There is no Celibacy in Islam. Marriage goes about as an outlet for sexual necessities manages it so one doesnt become slave to his/her wants. It is a social need on the grounds that through marriage, families are set up and the families are the central element of our general public. Besides marriage is the main genuine or halal approach to enjoy closeness between a man and lady. Islamic marriage in spite of the fact that grants polygamy however it totally precludes polyandry. Polygamy however allowed was watched by a few conditions by Prophet yet these conditions are not obeyed by the Muslims in all. Marriage:- Pre Islamic Position Prior to the introduction of Islam there were a few conventions in Arab. These customs were having a few deceptive procedures like:- (I) Buying of young lady from guardians by paying a whole of cash. (ii) Temporary relationships. (iii) Marriage with two genuine sisters at the same time. (iv) Freeness of surrendering and again tolerating ladies. These dishonest customs of the general public should have been canceled; Islam did it and acquired an exceptional change the idea of marriage. Marriage Defined It hushes up applicable to know whether the Muslim marriage is a holy observance like the Hindu marriage, for this let us get to know a portion of the meanings of Muslim marriage. (a) Hedaya [4] : Marriage is a lawful procedure by which the few procedure and multiplication and legitimation of kids among man and ladies is totally legal and substantial. (b) Bailies Digestâ [5]â :- A Nikah in Arabic methods Union of the arrangement and conveys a common agreement for the reasons for sanctioning sex and authentic reproduction of kids. (c) Ameer Aliã‚â â [6]â :- Marriage is an association for the insurance of the general public. This is made to shield the general public from indecency and unchestity. (d) Abdur Rahimâ [7]â :- The Mahomedan clerics view the foundation of marriage as standard taking both the idea of Ibadat or reverential expressions and Muamlat or dealings among men. (e) Mahmood J.â [8]â :- Marriage as per the Mahomedan law isn't a ceremony however a common agreement. (f) Under Section 2 of Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986 Marriage or Nikah among Muslims is a Solemn Pact or Mithaq-e-ghalid between a man a lady requesting every others life friendship, which in law appears as an agreement or aqd. Its a matter of inquiry despite everything existing whether Muslim marriage is just a common agreement or an Ibadat Muamlat. While releasing the different definitions its a significant enormous issue to sa

Final Reflection Paper

A few pointers on the last reflection paper Your last paper, the reflection paper, is a sort of a subsequent paper to the short proclamation that you turned in toward the start of the course. To that degree, you can compose the paper clutching similar sorts of inquiries that recommended for that first short proclamation. To rehash, these inquiries were the accompanying: 1 . What's your opinion of when you consider morals or ethical quality? 2. Would you be able to characterize the idea of morals? 3. Does being moral mean being glad? 4.What does being good comprise of as per you? Making the best decision? Carrying on with a satisfying life? 5. Can one ‘learn' to be moral? Or then again, what are the wellsprings of morals? 6. Would you be able to give a case of a moral individual/an ethical activity? What's more, if indeed, for what reason do you think about this individual/activity to be a ‘good' one? Be that as it may, I am not asking you now to just answer these inquirie s. What I am generally inspired by is a reflection on your part on what you thought of morals/profound quality toward the start of our group and how you consider it now.Do you have new response to the above inquiries? Or on the other hand, have new inquiries rung a bell? Are the questions you had before replied? Or on the other hand are there annoying inquiries left? (Why profound quality? What would i be able to take from the hypotheses we examined? ). The paper accordingly doesn't need to be your last reflection on everything moral. It must be a reflection on where you stand today with respect to where you remained toward the beginning of class. Solidly, regarding how the paper will be judged. A) You have to give an educated record regarding your position concerning morality.Informed' implies that you examine important odds and ends of the primary speculations and contentions we have talked about all through our group gatherings and how they made you consider ethical quality well as how they adjusted your perspective or left you with annoying inquiries. B) You have to give very much contended claims. As it were, in the event that you make a case or place an inquiry need you to tell ‘the peruser' why your case or question is fascinating and significant Are you persuaded that there is nothing of the sort as morality†¦? All things considered, explain to me why.And let me know why that is a persuading and situate position to take! This should help you on your way. + The paper should be 3-4 pages in length (1 h line-dispersing, text style 12). + For exhortation on the most proficient method to compose, turn by and by to the document on philosophical composing I transferred under Course Materials. + The paper means 20% to your last grade. Pay attention to the task and challenge yourself to ponder what you really gained from those most recent couple of months spent perusing and talking about morals. Good karma and I am anticipating perused your appearanc e!

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Public policy-making and analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Open approach making and investigation - Essay Example Michael Lipsky gave a contention that the execution of strategy, will at long last come back to individuals who are liable for actualizing the approach (Lipsky, 1980). Michael Lipsky further contends that representatives of the state, for example, social laborers, and the police are constantly viewed as an integral part of an approach making network. These individuals are additionally viewed as implementers of political force. On this premise, Lipsky (1980) indicates that road level officials are individuals answerable for collaborating with residents regularly, and they give a power behind the laws and the given standards in their different specialized topics. On this premise, this civil servant incorporates state authorities who are consistently beneath the position, and they have the chance of day by day associating with standard residents. This paper gives an assessment of the hugeness of these road level civil servants in the execution of an administration arrangement. Jones (2013) indicates that a strategy is a lot of conventions or standards answerable for managing choices with respect to the techniques to use for reasons for accomplishing a sane result. Jones (2013) indicates that one of the significant importance of road level civil servants in the execution of a strategy is that they are open to the general population, and residents of the state. Denote that road level civil servants comprise of the police, wellbeing laborers, social specialists, and government authorities who associate with residents on a balanced premise. On this premise, these administrators can make a portrayal of the bleeding edge of the approach of the legislature. For instance, researcher indicates that when a cop carry’s out a security activity, with a point of wiping out psychological warfare cells, at that point the official viable just actualizes an administration strategy in regards to battling fear based oppression. Another model incorporates a circumstance whereby a school

Concept Paper

Idea Paper Idea Paper Idea Paper: Protect Your Project! What is an idea paper? What purposes does composing of this sort of paper have? Searching for responds to for these inquiries? This article will assist you with making this issue understood for you! An idea paper as a sort of the scholastic composing An idea paper goes about as a proposition for a task. Some of the time the ideas idea paper and proposition are even utilized as equivalents. All in all, for what reason would it be advisable for you to compose an idea paper? This sort of paper is called to introduce a primer synopsis of your venture. The achievement of your task will rely upon the accomplishment of your idea paper. Different words, you ought to persuade the board of trustees that your task merits doing, it will have the hypothetical worth and the down to earth application. Things being what they are, what sort of data should an idea paper contain? When composing an idea paper you should express the following:The reason for your examinat ion. For what reason did you choose to research this issue? What will be the utilization of the aftereffects of this examination? The subject of your exploration. What addresses will you consider? The strategy. How will you direct your examination? The writing audit. What works will your task be founded on? Idea paper composing tipsThink over the title of your idea paper. It ought to be a decent representation of the primary thought of your undertaking. The title ought to be made obviously and accurately. Remember that it will be the main thing that your crowd will peruse. On the off chance that you will convince this crowd your task will be VERY GOOD, nothing may bring on any uncertainty about that! You should state what timeframe it will take you to finish your task bringing up the primary phases of the creative cycle. One should make reference to this is the attribute of idea papers. Your crowd should know not just what you will expound on yet in addition to what extent you will do. When composing your idea paper utilize various models, measurable information or consequences of certain perceptions. That will assist you with finishing 2 assignments. Right off the bat, the utilization of such components will help get the enthusiasm of your perusers. Besides, your idea paper will sound all the more persuading when containing such data. Remember this data when composing your idea paper. Keep in mind: the more unmistakably and persuading you will compose it, the more possibilities you will have in getting high focuses for your undertaking.

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International Relations Problems Facing the World Today - 2750 Words

Core International Relations Problems Facing the World Today (Essay Sample) Content: CORE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS PROBLEMS FACING THE WORLD TODAYStudents NameCourseProfessors NameUniversityCity/StateDateCore International Relations Problems Facing the World TodayIntroductionThe current state of the world is rife with political, social-economic, and environmental shortcomings. Notably, global warming, piracy on high seas, and terrorism seem to be the most elusive and if untamed, there is an imminent crisis that threatens international peace and humanity altogether. Sovereignty will never be a safe haven and new powers are converging and posing threats. Nations will form coalitions with powerful non state groups such as; terrorist groups, drug cartels, private institutions and non governmental institutions. This will result to world states falling victim of global challenges such as global warming, piracy, and terrorism, Quotes Richard .N in his article Foreign Policy Magazine. The aforementioned issues pose a significant threat that must be addressed by the international community as they affect the quality of life of people across the globe. This paper presents an analysis of these issues in the context of international relations, with a primary focus on their impact if they remain untamed by governments.Emerging Global Environmental IssuesWith the recent global population explosion, our ecosystem is changing due to human activities. In this regard, human beings have challenged the planets system to the extent of unprecedented and unpredictable changes in the environment. As a result, there is a fast drift towards an ecosystem that lacks the fundamental components in the human history. The consequences of climate change are severe. Instead of giving priority to land, water, energy or biodiversity as distinct issues, it should be noted that there is interplay between these issues as a slight change in one virtually causes an imbalance among the rest. Emerging environmental issues like the production of bio-fuels, expansion of ma rine dead zones, and the emergence of green water tele-connections are as a result of these interactions. This presents a challenge to the international community which requires reevaluation of the conventional issues and approaches to mitigate them. In this regard, it informs our understanding on new emerging environmental issues this century are (UNEP 2012).Global warming remains a threat to the current and future generations and has culminated into conflicts in various international forums. It is an issue that has been mishandled in many nations with blame games and rising tensions that threaten the global harmony. Nearly a decade ago, China and the United States were still burning coal. The biggest effect was increased air pollution not only in these respective countries but also in the entire universe. Currently, China is the leading economic powerhouse in the world after overtaking the U.S. in 2006 as the planets leading carbon polluter. Currently, China, United States, EU-28 and India account for 61% of all emissions but China emits over 10 billion tons of CO2into the atmosphere annually (Olivier et al 2015). However, the volume is likely to increase by 2030 thereupon dwarfing hopes of reducing air pollution. According to Kevin Anderson, Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in the U.K., reckons that if preemptive measures are not taken, then the probability of the world cutting carbon pollution to reduce the dangers of climate change is virtually zero.The figure below provides statistical analysis of carbon emissions as per the regions.Projected Carbon Dioxide Emissions through 2030, by Region (Million Metric Tons of CO2) Source: U.S. Department of Energy, 2011. The vertical axis represents million metric tons of Carbon Dioxide. From the figure, it is evident that the growth in carbon emissions is expected to continue in the coming decades. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, global CO2 emissions are pr ojected to increase by approximately 71 percent between 2005 and 2035.By 2012, the industrialized countries (members of OECD) were responsible for 35 percent of global carbon emissions. As seen in the figure above increased carbon emissions are expected to come from developing economies such Africa and Asia. For instance, CO2 emissions in China are expected to grow by 143% between 2005 and 2035 (Jonathan).With increased carbon emission into the atmosphere, its effects are likely to be noticed in our immediate environment. For instance, ocean acidification is likely to occur as a result carbon reactions in the atmosphere. A report by U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration indicates that half the percentage of carbon produced by humans since the beginning of industrial revolution has been absorbed into the ocean. Although this reduces the effects of global warming, it also lowers the ocean water PH giving water the acidic nature. This affects the mariner life such as cora l reefs which only exist in moderate temperatures of waters and whose acidic levels are low.Below is the summary of what can happen if climate change is not addressed:Most parts of the land will be submerged into the sea as a result of rising sea levels this will affect the population living in the coastal regions as they will be displaced. There will be property loss as most of big cities in the world are located at the coastal regions like New York. Effects of Pollution will further harm the environment. For example, marine life will be affected as some species like coral reefs will be eradicated due to changing of acidic levels of sea waters. High temperatures are to be experienced throughout the world as a result of global emissions from green houses and burnt fossil fuels.Supply of water in urban areas is likely to be disrupted as a result of drought brought about by climate change. High temperatures will cause drought, meaning most water catchment areas will dry up which act as water reservoirs for urban settlers.Health concerns are likely of concern due to heat waves. Hurricanes will frequently occur as tropical diseases also emerge. The universe will also experience changes in weather patterns with increased hurricanes and extreme high temperatures.Iceland and Greenland regions are likely to melt down hence increasing the sea levels by 12 meters high. These would result to drowning of buildings at the coastal cities.PiracySea-borne piracy has become an international concern especially to multinational corporations which sea transport as a means of transport for their goods and services. It is estimated that more than $ 12 billion looses are reported annually along the Red sea, Indian ocean along the Somalia coast, Gulf of Guinea and Strait of Malacca. These coastal regions are mostly used by more than 50,000 commercial ships each year. Modern piracy has been successful due to large volumes of international trade that is being conducted using the ocean watersThe emergence of piracy along the Somali coastal regions in the last decade has raised concerns from many governments including the USA and their European counter parts regarding the safety of their ships using these sea routes. For the case study of Somalia, which has been on civil war since the collapse of its central government pirates have taken advantage of this situation and has created breeding ground for them. The state of lawlessness and weak navy armies, pirates have successfully captured commercial ships and demanded ransoms. The International Maritime Bureau holds records of sea attacks and hostages as from 1995. For instance in 2006, the number of sea attack recorded were 239,77 crew members were kidnapped, whereas around 240 were held hostage.Pirates have nowadays made personal belongings of crew members and ship components as their targets. They escape with cash, and at times they sail to the ports to repaint the ships and give it a new identity. The Somali Pi rates have also been reported attacking ship attached to UN aid which delivers food to internally displaced refugees (Reisman and Tennis, 2015).Somali pirates operating along the Gulf of Aden have reportedly made more $120 million yearly according to reports from International Maritime Bureau. This has negatively impacted the ship industry has made it a very risky business to venture into. However, efforts by the joint effort by naval forces deployed by NATO have resulted in reduction of piracy in the Indian Ocean. The International Maritime Bureau reported that only 5 ships were captured in 2012. In the West Africa, pirates have the motive of stealing oil especially from ship tankers. They are usually armed with heavy weapons and have military training skills hence making them more efficient when capturing these ships. Captured ships have their goods siphoned to small vessels as the crew members are taken hostage. Piracy incidents have been experienced in Angola, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. The existence of pirates in this region is attributed to oil industries at the coastal regions of these countries. Analysts argue that the wide spread of piracy in the west Africa region especially in Nigeria is as a result of collaboration between these sea gangs and corrupt politicians. Ransoms paid are used to finance their political ambitions. This menace has forced small countries along the coastal regions of Atlantic Ocean to appeal for assistance from world navies. However, in the West Africa region little success has been achieved as compared to East Africa Region. Joint Naval forces have been deployed in the Indian ocean because of the sea jam and the fact that few European ships use the Atlantic Ocean routes. Anti piracy missions all over the world are have been complex and difficult to control. Alth...

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A Medical Ethic Dilemma - Free Essay Example

In most parts around the globe, most infants are born so prematurely that they often require immediate intensive care service after birth. Medical Science has made a lot of amazing and lots of advances in the last few years, and with the help of sophisticated equipment, experts now take care of these types of infants who in the past would not have survived at that early age. For these babies, life starts with a fight, a fight against death. Although these children have a greater chance of survival than decades ago, these infants have a darker side that accompanies their success. The lives of the children who survive this early trauma are filled with disability, pain, and suffering.   So what should be done? Should medical experts stop all efforts of saving the child or should the doctors leave the baby to die slowly? It is a moral dilemma that both parents and physicians face daily.   This work introduces a biomedical example where doctors are to decide a crucial ethical decision regarding the lives of premature twins and uses the Kantian ethical perspectives to inform that every person has a right to live. The Kantian moral logic approach tries to scrutinize actions with regards to their results and inquires why some actions are agreed under particular occasions. The theory stands for the basic idea that any corrective or life-saving measures ought to be performed to convey individual distinctiveness like universal moral law conformity. And that an ethically permissible action is that which is universally appropriate to everybody.   Here, universality is the background for considerations, and since everyone has the right to life, even premature infants have to live. At this point, its more ethical to reason with the doctors who believe that the wrongness or rightness of an action is free from their Some actions are evil or good by just themselves. Besides, according to the Kantian logic, medical professionals have the central role in delaying death as long as possible. The doctors are ethically correct when they afford immediate intensive care help to premature twins. Besides, the suitability of any patient curing has to give enough initial life-saving comfort to the premature infants and should be promoted through immediate action. Even the entire health care profession has its role in maintaining health and preventing patient death at all costs.